Wednesday Waltz Etcetera

Waltz is a hugely popular dance. It can be fast, or slow, or somewhere in between. The music can be sweet, or syncopated, or hot. Moves might be simple or intricate. Styles include folksy, Viennese, Scandinavian, cross-step and many others. This variety is a big part of the attraction of the new dance series held the second and fourth Wednesday evenings each month at Boulder’s Avalon Ballroom.

Call it “ballroom” dance, couple dance, lead-follow or just “social” dance. Dancers tend also to enjoy other couple dances in the same evening. This new series includes swing, foxtrot, hambo, tango, ragtime, blues and many other couple dances. The variety increases.

The “Wednesday Waltz Etcetera” series brings together dancers of many stripes. The intention is to provide an evening that is welcoming to newcomers, so that learning dance can be an enjoyable and non-threatening. Many of our new friends report exactly that.

The evening starts with a short dance lesson targeted for the complete dance novice. This is followed by a second lesson that covers more ground. The first several lessons provided review of the material taught by visiting artist Richard Powers, including his cross-step material. Future lessons will explore some of the ragtime dances, swing styles, rumba and many others. Lessons will sometimes tie into other local dance events.

Music is mostly waltz, with lots of other dances mixed in. More variety! Deejay Frank Vernon uses a custom computer-based music system that allows dancers to preview the next few dances coming up on the computer screen, and also see the name and artist of the music played. The 21st Century version of the dance card!

Refreshments are provided

When not dancing, there is plenty of conversation, and new acquaintances are made. When the energy is high, the dance goes overtime. Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, and the Bay Area, already have similar waltz-centric events, and these have proved very popular. We are finding the same enthusiasm here. Join us some Wednesday for waltzing and much more!